Thursday, August 9, 2012

Ups and Downs

First, we booked the cruise and I was so excited it was hard to sleep.  Then I stressed about airfare until we finally got that booked.  Then I went into overdrive planning, researching,  spending hours on the internet looking for ideas, tips, tricks and discounts for excursions.  Then we all got on Cruise Critic and shared our mutual excitement.

Then I looked at my countdown clock and it seemed so far away.  Today it reads 244 days until we leave.  Waaaay to long to wait.

Then... I think excitement overload hit and things got quite.  The Roll Call died down, I stopped looking at the internet as much and work seemed much more stressfull than ever before.

This must be the cycle of ups and downs that comes when you plan your exciting European vacation so far in advance.  I'm sure the "UP" will come again and this time I'll try not to burn out by staying up late every night looking at everything I can find onine about our vacation.

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