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1.  Best of Rome with Joe Banana (From Lisah101)

From the port of Civitavecchia to the best of Rome 9hrs tour (Basilica, Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Forum, Palatine Hill, Circus Maximus)

1-3 450€ "discounted price 420€ - 3 pp 150E or 140E if we book all three Joe Banana tours (Naples, Rome, Florence)
4-6 guests: 500€ "discounted price 470€ - 6 pp 83E or 78 E if we book all three
7-8 guests: 550€ "discounted price 520€ - 8 pp 69 E or 65 E if we book all three
9-12 guests: 1000€ "discounted price 970€ - 12 pp 83E or 80E if we book all three (larger bus and parking/drop off)
12-16 guests: 1100€ "discounted price 1070€ - 16 pp 69 E or 67 E if we book all three (larger bus and parking/drop off)

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The tour starts at St. Peter's Basilica, which is the largest church in the world. Admire Michelangelo's "Pieta" and the beautiful Bernini Pulpit, then continue to the sites of Renaissance and Baroque Rome: the stunning Spanish steps, Piazza Navona and of course not forgetting the city's most famous fountain - the Trevi Fountain. According to the legend; by throwing a coin into the fountain it will ensure that you return to Rome.

Next the heart of Ancient Rome; Capitoline Hill and the famous Roman Forum and the Colosseum, the symbol of the city and one of the world's most famous buildings where gladiator spectacles took place. Then continue on to see Palatine Hill and Circus Maximus.

Your guide will show you other attractions such as Castle St. Angelo and its bridge, the Italian Senate, The Marble Foot and Cat Street (Roman Curiosity), Trajan's Column, Imperial Fora, Trajan's Market, The Maps of the Empire, Arch of Constantine, Marcus Aurelius's Column, Parliament and Council of Ministers, St. Nicholas in Chains, temples of Apollo, Vesta and Janus, Quirinal Palace.

If you book in advance, it is possible to have a tour of the Vatican Museum (a private licensed guide is advisable) admiring the Sistine Chapel frescos by Michelangelo , the Galeries of the Chandeliers, of the Tapestries and of the Geographical Maps, the Sobiesky Hall and the Immaculate Conception Hall and the Ancient Vatican Library.

For lunch you can choose between a quick bite to eat en route or a leisurely meal in a local restaurant. We will always be happy to suggest the best place in the area and we particularly enjoy taking visitors to quaint little restaurants where you will get an authentic atmosphere of Rome.

Not included:  12 Euro pp for the Colosseum - tour operator has a separate ticket office window so we don't have to stand in line - just have the 12 Euro ready when we get there.

Not included: Academia entrance fee of 14.50 Euro pp.  We pay the tour guide and he will get the tickets for us.


Name CC Name Count Confirmed Total
Lisa and Terry LisaH101 2 yes 2
Allison and David ucfalli 2   4
Mike and Pat themaillady 2   6
Mindy and Tim Budgetfairytale 2   8
Sue IslandQueen 1   9
Melodye and Gary Melfin1 2   11
Dave and Denise Strlboo 2   13
Tom and Kathy Tickbite 2   15

2.  Best Limos in Rome Share a Shore Tour information (BLIR) coordinated by Steeno

Rome from the Port of Civitavecchia
Maximum number of passengers per minivan
Start  time   End Time   Total time     Total Amount for group of 8 that includes:    Per Person Amount Additional Notes

8 7:45 am 5:45 pm 10 hrs. USD 1640 by Credit Card -Tour/Driver plus skip the line tickets for the Vatican with guide plus skip the line tickets for the Colosseum

USD 205 by Credit Card -
Shoulders and knees must be covered when entering the Vatican
Beautiful Rome in a Day
We will be visiting the National Monument of Vittorio Emanuele II in Piazza Venezia, Roman and Imperial Forum, the Coliseum,the Capital and Palatine Hills, the Circus Maximus, the Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, the Vatican City (Vatican Museums, Sistine Cahpel, and St. Peter’s Basilica) and have time for traditional Italian lunch on this tour (lunch and gratuities not included). Tickets and guide fees are non refundable


Steeno (Marie) - coordinator

3.  Rome on your own via Train
There is a lot of discussion on CC about this - would anyone like to volunteer as the coordinator?


  1. Melissa and 2 children would love to join!

  2. There are two organized options and a group doing the train.. let me know which one you would like and your cc name

    1. Lisa
      Please sign Dave (stlrboo) and Denise up for this tour with you, if there is space available.. Thanks

  3. Lisa, we would love to join your Joe Banana tour of Rome. Thank you so much! Tom & Kathy (Tickbite)

  4. My name is Soji. My wife (Moji) and I have been booked on this cruise. We would like to attend this tour if these is any space available.We would like the Joe Banana Tour

    Please let me know. Thanks

  5. The tour can only take. 16, so we have only one seat left on the bus.